Why to build a passive house?

a passive house respects the enviroment

Respecting our environment

We build environmentally friendly, green, houses that are durable and energy saving.

 a passive house reduces the energy use

Reduce your energy dependence

A passive house of 160 m² of living space consumes about 240 liters of oil per year! If you are using photo voltaic and thermal solar panels, you can even achieve a zero energy consumption.

With a Pamaflex passive house you will reduce your dependence on fossil non-renewable energy sources like oil, gas, coal or uranium.


Increase your living comfort

A  Pamaflex passive house helps to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature almost constant throughout the year.

With controlled ventilation and heat recovery, air is constantly renewed, fresh and healthy without causing unwanted loss of energy.


Intelligent invest in the future

Taking account of the increase of energy prices and the changes in building standards, a Pamaflex passive house will have a significantly higher resale value.

With a  Pamaflex passive house, you have a head start and a worthwhile investment.

bonuses and tax cuts with building a passive house

Get interesting bonuses

The federal state and the various regional and local authorities will support you constructing a Pamaflex  passive house with bonuses and tax cuts.
Depending on your status, your country and region, these bonuses are variable but always represent non-negligible amounts.


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