The PAMAflex roof elements

The Pamaflex  roof element is composed of a concrete shell having a thickness of 6 cm to which is applied in factory a polyurethane foam insulation having a thickness of 35 cm.

The Pamaflex elements have a free span of up to 6 m’ – depending on the slope and the snow load. All the bearing elements are integrated in the concrete shell and inside the insulation.

On the outside, there are wooden chevrons integrated on which all types of roofing can be installed like tiles, slates, metal sheets, photo voltaic, green roofing, …

The Pamaflex roof elements are fixed on the top and the bottom of the slope.

The Pamaflex roof element has an U value of 0.12 W/m2*K.

The inner shell is smooth and doesn’t need plastering. The inner concrete shell is absolutely wind tight, improves considerably the acoustic insulation, stores warmth and freshness and is fire proof.

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