The PAMAflex elements

A PAMAflex passive house consists three basic structural elements.

The PAMAflex outer wall

PAMAflex plasterd wallThe  outer wall consits of a solid concrete wall carrier of 14 cm thickness. Thereon is a foamed polyurethane insulation layer of 27 cm. The element connections are embedded in the element. So, the wall reaches a U-value of 0,10 W/m2*K.

Thanks to these technical details, a  wall can be combined with any type of facade :
Stucco, wood siding, bricks, ruble, metal siding and other available facade types.

In the pictures you can see a  wall with a brick and plaster facing.

The PAMAflex cellar wall

PAMAflex cellar wallThe  cellar wall is a double wall. It has a thickness of 40 to 50 cm with an integrated polystyrene insulation of 10 to 20 cm.
The cavity in the double wall is concreted on site after mounting all elements.
The two shells of the   double wall are interconnected with with rods of high-strength composite material. In this way, conventional thermal bridges are avoided.
The built-in insulation is protected by massive outer shell against degradation.
The  wall has a U-value of 0.38 to 0.21 W / m2*K.

The PAMAflex roof elements

PAMAflex roof elements  roof element has a thickness of 40 to 50 cm with an integrated polystyrene insulation of 10 to 20 cm.
The PAMAflex elements have a free span of up to 6 m’ – depending on the slope of the roof and the snow load. All the bearing elements are integrated in the concrete shell and inside the insulation.

On the outside of the  roof there are wooden chevrons, on which all types of roofing can be installed like tiles, slate, metal roofing, photo voltaic.

The  roof elements are fixed on the top and the bottom of the slope.
The  roof element has a U value of 0.12 W / m 2 * K.

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