PA – like passive

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A very good insulation

All elements of a Pamaflex passive house, from the cellar up to the roof are highly isolated. The window frames, and the triple glazing are meeting the highest standards.

The closed carcass construction meets already the passive house standards. There is hardly any risk, that other craftspeople damage the insulation or the wind tightness.

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A guaranteed wind tightness

A traditional construction losses a lot of heat in many different places because of air infiltration or exfiltration, for example trough window seals, doors, the roof fitting or electrical boxes.

In a Pamaflex passive house, air looses are reduced to a minimum. The Pamaflex construction only allows a minimal uncontrolled exchange of air with the environment.

In reason of the system inherent wind-tightness, the wind-tightness of a Pamaflex passive house is durable and can’t easily be damaged like for other passive house systems.

controlled ventilation in house

Controlled ventilation

A controlled ventilation ensures air exchange within the passive Pamaflex construction. Fresh air is introduced into the living rooms (living room, bedroom, office, and others) and waste air is extracted from wet rooms (toilets, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, etc).

Trough cross flow heat exchange, the incoming air is preheated by the exhaust air. This technique allows to continuously introduce fresh air into the building while minimizing energy loss.

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Intelligent use of solar gains

The Pamaflex passive houses are designed to take full advantage of the free solar energy gains to heat the construction during the cooler months. If a south orientation isn’t possible, free solar gains may also be provided by an east-west orientation.

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The use of other energy sources

The human being, all the appliances and your technical devices are producing heat. Those energy sources will also help you to heat the Pamaflex  passive house during the coldest periods of the year.

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A small auxiliary heater

Pamaflex passive house needs very few heating energy. This additional energy will be provided by a small auxiliary heating system during the coldest days.

This heat can be provided by an electric towel-radiator in the bathroom and a small electric heater or wood stove in the living room.

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