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Deciding for a Pamaflex passive house, you aquire a house designed to withstand during generations, without loss of living comfort. 

By opting for a Pamaflex passive house, you opt for a stable and sustainable construction.

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Optimal wind tightness

The elements of a  Pamaflex passive house are totally wind tight, even without the application of special seal-membranes.


Accumulation of warmth and freshness

The massiveness of a  Pamaflex passive construction acts as a natural temperature regulator and ensures a stable indoor temperature with optimal comfort.

A  Pamaflex passive building can accumulate up to 10 times more warmth or freshness in the walls and floors as a comparable lightweight construction.

The temperature will be saved in the house. Without any sunshine, a massive construction can therefore ensure the same temperature over a longer time than a similar lightweight construction, and that without additional heating.
Therefore, a massive Pamaflex passive house construction will also protect against overheating during the hottest days of the year.

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Avoid problems

Due to the basically simple and secure principles, a PAMAflex passive construction helps to avoid many potential problems you could have encountered with other building systems.


Acoustic insulation

Pamaflex passive construction presents excellent acoustic insulation between the outside and inside of the house, as well as between inner rooms.


Fire resistance

By nature, concrete can’t burn. A Pamaflex passive construction ensures a high resistance to fire. Our polyurethane insulation is self-extinguishing and only on the outside of the building.


Sealing against radon gas

The concept of our Pamaflex cellar walls offers a high radon gas protection


Resistance to earthquakes

All elements of a Pamaflex passive house are massive built and connected together, what ensures a high resistance to earthquakes.


Resistance to water damage

The massive concrete and the insulation of all Pamaflex walls are inert to water. As such, there is no risk of water damage by flooding. Neither internal, from a leaking wash machine, for example, nor from external flooding near your home.


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