FLEX – like flexible

 facade types

Flexible for all types of facades

Be flexible in your exterior design. All types of exterior siding (bricks, stones, plaster, wood siding, slate, metal cladding etc.) can be used thanks to the integrated connection system.

Pamaflex also allows the combination of different siding.

Inside the house, the Pamaflex walls can receive the usual finish.

 roof coovers

Suitable for all types of roofing

All types of roof covering like slates, tiles, zinc sheets, metal panels, roof greening etc. may be used.


Individual design

The principals of a  Pamaflex passive house allows to follow every architecture concept (classic, modern, traditional, …), so you are flexible in your planning.


Complete the building by your self

Since the Pamaflex passive house carcass is mounted very quickly, a home-handymen may comfortable complete the work on his own time schedule.

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