Certified partners

Our requirements to our partners

All Pamaflex partners must be certified for the realization of passive constructions. They have to be reliable and technically experienced. In addition to the normal requirements, the certified Partners need to fit special criteria:


  • A state of the Art know how in passive construction
  • special training of all staff members participating in the realisation of a Pamaflex passive house.
  • regular attendance in Pamaflex passive house training.
  • the respect of the technical Pamaflex procedures with the aim to reach the standarts of passive house construction.


H.P. Linden Pvt. Ltd.

Rue de la Gare, 27
BE – 4780 St-Vith

Tél : +32 (0)80  28 11 11
Fax : +32 (0)80  28 11 12

E-mail : info(at)linden.be
Site web : www.linden.be

HP Linden Logo
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The company H.P. Linden Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1920 and offers customers construction services for over 90 years.  The company is family-owned, and the third and fourth generations are on duty serving our customers needs.

The management and a professional technical staff is at customers disposal for every kind of information.

Since a couple of years now, H.P. Linden specialized in passive house construction and proved it’s competence and excellence in this domain.



Trendeco sprl.

Chaussée de Marche, 643
BE – 5100 Wierde

Tel : +32 (0)81  32 22 80
Fax : +32 (0)81  32 22 83

E-mail : info(at)trendeco.be
Website : www.trendeco.be


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