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The Pamaflex welcome elements are ideal for a passive, ecological and sustainable construction of massive passive houses.

Pamaflex welcome is certified as a complete construction system from the cellar up to the roof.

Pamaflex, that means:

  • Passive: elements designed to achieve passive house standard providing very high insulation.
  • Massive:  massive house offering optimal storage of heat and coolness, sustainability and stability
  • Flexible : flexible construction system that offers the possibility of individual interior and exterior design. 

Pamaflex provides a large range of building elements for high quality insulated houses.

  • Pamaflex welcome cellar walls
  • Pamaflex outer walls
  • Pamaflex roof elements

All elements are designed to meet the passive house standards.

Download our documentation: (presently available in German, French and Dutch)

Documentation (PDF – 4Mb – German)
Documentation (PDF – 4Mb – French)
Documentation (PDF – 4Mb – Dutch )



From the foundation up to the roof: an optimal insulation, a high massiveness,  stability and wind tightness




The advantages of a PAMAflex passive house:

• Insulation of 27 cm PU. U-value: 0.11 W / m2*K
• Seamless insulation over the entire element
• Optimal wind tightness
• Massive bearing walls
• Excellent living comfort through storage of heat and coolness
• A very good acoustic insulation
• A high fire resistance
• High protection against radon gas
• High resistance to earthquakes
• High resistance to water damage
• Made on measure
• Suitable for all types of facade
• Production under ideal conditions
• Permanent quality control
• Minimal packaging waste and material waste on site
• Quick mounting, short construction time
• An advantageous price / performance ratio


Here, you’ll find some of our PAMAflex – Youtube videos.

mqdefault PAMAflex – Mounting in a few days
mqdefault (3) PAMAflex – I’ts that easy!
mqdefault (4) PAMAflex – Mounting of an outer wall 
mqdefault (1) PAMAflex – The Prime Minister on visit 
mqdefault (2) PAMAflex – Winner of the “Innovation Award 2013”

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